adventure game about time and space travel

Fix stuff, eat lovely dishes, make new friends, take it easy and figure yourself out. Perform gravitational slingshot maneuvers, explore vast planets and manage your cryonic sleep schedule.




For inquiries concerning distant planet exploration and SPACR program, please don't hesitate to email contact@jarnik.com!

- - - - -

We have stepped beyond Earth and evolved a bit. It is a world of genetic splicing and slow (but possible) interstellar travels. I tried to sketch out the lore in a short text-adventure game Lunar Holiday.

Humanity is thinly spread over a small part of its home galaxy. Interstellar travels still take a lot of time, remote outposts are not able to keep the pace. SPACRs, mechanics with knowledge of ancient technologies are sent to fix legacy systems.

SPACRs are hired and payed by metacorps. It turned out that humans are not really good with planning in terms longer than a human lifespan. Human-managed corporations were slowly replaced with 100% outsourced companies governed by AIs. There is a handful of these AIs working in balance and thanks to their original programming priorities, they do their best to be useful and friendly to humanity.

You are a spacr – you job is to travel around in a cryo capsule and keep ancient machines working. Your current mission brought you to a faraway planet with an interstellar beacon that went silent 250 years ago.